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XtrmUs is a new generation Motion Pod recording gesture and position data. Its sampling precision and data rate match the requirements of all outdoor sports.
XtrmUs embeds a Security Beacon broadcasting emergency data over long range radio. It self-organizes an autonomous network with other XtrmUs devices improving sefety in area with no GSM coverage.
It comes in a compact format integrating a high power battery for many hours of autonomy.
XtrmUs is recommended for sports where precise analysis of position and gestures can make the difference and where compromise on safety is not an option.
Imagined by and for the community of outdoor athletes.


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Motion tracking

XTrmus embeds a native set of sensors: a multi constellation GPS, a barometer and 9 axis inertial sensor.
It synchronously analyses trajectory and body orientation in 3D space for high rate motion tracking. Position accuracy exceeds 2.5m and angular precision 0.1°.
XtrmUs logs up to 10 measurements per second.
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XtrmUs safety beacon broadcast emergency data via a self-organized radio network using neighbouring XtrmUs devices to relay messages. It operates over a long range terrestrial VHF radio and uses a robust proprietary protocol. No need for GSM coverage!
Interface facilitates rescue towards the emergency location and emergency calls are logged for later event analysis.


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Xtrmus provides a free access to commmunity server for data upload and private data storage (up to 100Mo) with friendly analytic tools for log exploitation.
It provides a graphic representation of main parameters like altitude, speed, glide, distance etc... and a CESIUM® 3D cartographic projection with real time player.
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  • Multi standard GPS receiver with positional error correction
  • Barometric altimeter
  • 9 axis inertial sensors
  • 401MHz long range radio
  • 100x60 color OLED display
  • 2GB integrated memory, 24h recording
  • µUSB communication & charging
  • Powerful battery pack: 24h autonomy in use & 1 month in stand-by


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